GIGA GAMES Co., Ltd., an online game provider, realizes the importance of our users, therefore we have collected information upon the users registered their account or subscribed for using services of the Company. In order to protect the use, convenience, and speed for the users’ enjoyment and the Company in websites or fan pages created by the Company, the Company may change some of those as appropriate for the highest interest of the users.

Collection and use of the information

– The Company will collect information by means of registering accounts or subscribing for services through the website or service subscribing windows, consisting of name-surname, ID number, e-mail. date of birth, use of data via mobile phone, zipcode, and telephone number.

– Upon the use of services, the Company will record information of the users’ IP Address , Device , dates and times, acts of using the service.

– For collected information, the Company will analyse goods, services, advertisements in order that the users can receive new information they are interested in.

Use of Cookies

– Cookies can collect or share information. This feature will help us to improve the website and services we are providing or help us to offer new services and special features. Cookie is little information which have been combined for identification sent from server to a user’s browser and kept in the computer’s harddisk or in the equipment used. The use of Cookie cannot link to any personal information of the user.

– You can refuse the use of cookie by choosing setting on your browser. However, you may not use all of the functions of our website and services.


– Information of the users’ account (ID) will be protected by password in order to secure the privacy and security of the users. We use the security standards to ensure that your information will be secured, correct, and protected from unauthorized or inappropriate use.

– The Company will take steps ensuring that all information collected will be safe and in the original form or there is no any change. Any access of those personal information will be controlled strictly and only accessable by those staff who are in need to use such information for some performance and can identify the users.  

– For some part, we will use SSL (secure sockets layer) in accordance with the international standard to protect the delivery of the information.

Change of Privacy Policy

– We may amend this policy if we consider that such amendment can significantly result our method that we use your personal information. We wll notify you by means of posting it on the Company’ website or fanpage and the user accept that such announcement is sufficient to be deemed that we hasve notified you thereof.

– You accept that if the user remains using our goods and services after the amendment, it deems that you have accepted and consented to be bound by the changed policy.